Well, I have to start somewhere right?

Well, here we go, this is where my ‘blogging journey’ begins. You’re probably already thinking yep, this is just another one of those feel-good motivational blogs about this guys ‘health journey’ and all that wonderful stuff. You’re probably right to some extent, however, this blog isn’t just about my weight loss and wellness journey. I have designed this site for men much like myself who have always struggled with both their body appearance and confidence levels on a daily basis. More importantly though, our mental health and the struggle we as men deal with within our society on a regular base. The hustle has never felt harder and been more real for me then what it has been the last 6 months, but relax! We have plenty of time to go over all of that.

On that note, I better get the quick (always boring) introduction out of the way. My name is Murray Benton, I have just turned 24 and have been married to my wife Jess for 3 years now. We live in Gympie Queensland and I work within the Real Estate industry for Century 21 Platinum Agents. Recently I have transitioned from a direct sales role into our Client and Office Relations Manager’s position and love what I do. As of two weeks ago I am now a dedicated student of the AIPT (Australian Institute of Personal Trainers) and working towards my Certificate IV in fitness and qualification in PT…

Ok, I think that will do for now with the formalities!

At my current best - 108kg

When I started my fitness and wellness journey only about a short 12 months ago I weighed my absolute most, at 142kg I felt the worst I have ever felt in my life. Both physically and mentally. I was drained and nothing seemed worth working towards anymore… But that’s one of many stories to come.

Thanks for checking The Healthy Hustle Blog out, I hope to see you more!



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